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8 Unbeatable Reasons to Choose NodeJS for Building Your Ecommerce Store

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Posted on April 3rd, 2019 by Juned Ghanchi in Tech

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The increasing numbers of business are switching to e-commerce business to sell their products. As of now, there are more than 7,500,000 online stores operating around the world. Naturally, every online retailer is always in the lookout for the best possible ways to outlive their competition. E-commerce businesses cannot compromise on the performance, speed, usability, and scalability of their websites and this is why they need to choose the appropriate technologies diligently. NodeJS comes as the ideal JavaScript runtime environment for e-commerce stores.

There are many reasons to choose NodeJS for e-commerce stores. Let us explain a few of them here.

Fast-Paced, Modular Development

JavaScript is the core of Node.js, which allows developers to code both on the backend or server side and the frontend or the client side. This ensures a faster and smooth transfer of data. Naturally, the performance of the site gets a boost with quicker access to products and faster checkout and payment processing. Apart from this Node.js also comes with a whole library of various JavaScript modules that can be used as components for building both e-commerce websites and mobile commerce apps. The NPM package management system or the Node Package Manager also allows more modules as per your preference.

Cross-Platform Development

NodeJS is a genuinely cross-platform development language that allows building e-commerce apps for multiple OS platforms. When building e-commerce web stores or apps developers are expected to have command over a few platform-specific programming languages. In this aspect, NodeJS comes as a positive exception and while using this framework you do not need command over any other language. It is the kind of framework that allows implementation on both server-side and client-side easily.

Great Performance Boost

Optimum performance and pace of the e-commerce website and app is a crucial advantage of using NodeJS for e-commerce web stores. Just because it can handle both backend and frontend requirements of a web store, it delivers incredible output in a comparatively lesser cost. From building conveniently accessible product pages with faster loading speed to faster checkout and payment process, it ensures every bit of performance that any e-commerce stores need.


Node.js is a highly scalable JavaScript framework that can accommodate an increasing number of queries and traffic footfall easily. NodeJS helps an e-commerce app scale up precisely in two ways, respectively, horizontal and vertical scaling. These scalability options enhance the adaptability of a NodeJS app with the increase of traffic and an increasing number of sales and search queries.

Node.js by using JavaScript takes the full advantage of the event-driven design. Thanks to this event-driven design NodeJS e-commerce apps can run on a wide variety of OS platforms including Unix, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. While it is capable of building small and efficient modules, it can easily incorporate new modules for developing a highly scalable e-commerce solution. The scalable solution makes NodeJS a tremendously customizable and power-packed JavaScript platform for e-commerce web stores.

Cost-Effective Solution

NodeJS comes as a completely free and open-source JavaScript library that doesn't take a penny to start with. Secondly, as a component-based solution, it helps faster development with little effort because of the reusability of code and pre-built modules. The modular architecture also helps in unleashing quicker update releases for the app. All these effectively reduce development cost.

Data Streaming

Earlier in most e-commerce, web stores server requests and responses were considered as different events, and because of this, there used to be lagging time in unleashing contents. But with NodeJS, both the requests and responses are coupled as data streams. This becomes particularly useful for modern e-commerce apps that use a lot of product videos or user-generated contents for a more interactive look and feel.

Real-Time Apps

Developers of e-commerce stores often remain concerned about the protocols and various sockets. NodeJS comes as a solution to this as the framework caters to both the server-side and client-side development. By holding together both the backend and frontend of an app in sync this JavaScript framework helps in real time data syncing. App developers can use NodeJS to building more interactive and dynamic apps. The framework can play a crucial role in utilizing user-generated contents or streaming media contents played out on the screen in real time.

Smooth Product Management

Smooth product pages, easy access to products and user-friendly search function are three crucial aspects of e-commerce websites. NodeJS comes as a well-equipped platform to manage on-page product catalogs efficiently. Thanks to the NoSQL database which can be used with the framework different variants of the products can be maintained easily. NodeJS built e-commerce stores can deliver the most sophisticated looking product pages with easy access and search function.


With so much on offer, can we think of better technology than NodeJS for e-commerce web development? Arguably no, and this is precisely the reason why the who’s who of online commerce apart from millions of aspiring e-commerce startups now prefer NodeJS. In every parameter of e-commerce development, the framework looks unbeatable compared to any other technologies.

Juned Ghanchi

Juned Ghanchi has more than ten years of branding and digital marketing experience as well as the co-founder and CMO at IndianAppDevelopers, a leading mobile app development company that focused on providing solutions for Android and IOS platforms.

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